Stop Fat-Shaming! #RocktheCrop

If you support women, positive body image, or me as your friend, you will take a stand with me! If you are anti-bullying, anti-fat shaming, or just a decent human being, you will back me up. I posted this picture on instagram. Now, I am a grown woman; I can hold my own. But, this is not okay! Report this user on instagram. I am not asking you to fight hate with hate, but I am asking you to help me in taking down a useless, senseless, and hurtful account. This person came looking for me. They could have just left my page, but they felt the need to shame me. Well, it didn’t work!! I have faced some traumatic, crazy, and heartbreaking stuff in my life. This is not going to tear me down. I know my worth! I know I am beautiful in this body. Please share, tweet, and get the word out there!

stop hate 2 stop hate 1

XOXO Chica Rosita


3 thoughts on “Stop Fat-Shaming! #RocktheCrop

  1. Omg this is what i needed to see today. My birthday is coming up and i decided to step out my comfort zone and buy a crop top to wear. I’m still very iffy about wearing it but seeing this post makes me feel less nervous about it. You look great! And the person who posted that comment clearly has nothing better to do with their life.

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