30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge: Day 23 & 24

I’m diving right into the challenge since I have missed two postings.

Day 23: What Physical Feature Do Others Seem To Find Most Attractive About You?

I think men are most attracted to my breasts and women are most attracted to my smile. That sounds completely sexist, but I’ll give you some insight. It’s not that ONLY men find my boobs attractive, I have caught women looking at the gals. ūüėČ But, men seem more inclined to notice them. I catch straight men staring at my chest, and I’ve even had gay men come up to me and¬†make¬†some pretty interesting remarks, “OH! You could feed a third-world country with those!”, or ¬†“FAKE! Those are not real!” while they are cupping them very comfortably might I add.

Women tend to compliment me on my smile when looking at my pictures. Many women tell me I am photogenic and say very heartwarming words like, “Look at that smile!” However, women do feel comfortable cupping my breasts as well. LOL! So, my bold statement comes with some exceptions.

I’ve written about my breasts and smile in previous blog postings. And, like with many things I¬†love about myself, they have some downsides. For example,¬†when people sexually objectify me¬†because of my¬†boobs. Yes, I love them, I think they’re pretty great, and I am flattered by compliments, but there is more to me than my body. I have a brain up here guys!

And with that comes our next challenge question–

Day 24: What is Your Definition of Beautiful?

Beauty is a social and cultural construct. What might be considered beautiful to one person may not be to another, and that’s okay. I know I am not going ¬†to be everybody’s cup of tea. But, I want to add my two cents on the subject.

For me, physical beauty is only radiant when coupled with inner beauty. If you’re a mean, nasty, and bitter human, chances are your good looks will only get you so far. I feel it is imperative to your existence to find that purpose, that thing, whatever it is, that makes you feel radiant.

When I was at my lowest point, I didn’t invest in myself, and that showed tremendously. I kept thinking what’s the point¬†of getting all dolled up, and seldom smiled. It was pretty pitiful, and negative self-talk quickly spread out. I excused¬†the nasty things I said in my head because they were just that, in my head. When I started snapping at my coworkers, distancing myself from family and friends, that’s when I felt the most ugly.

My beauty started to shine like a bursting light after many steps toward body acceptance. When I looked at pictures from my first photo-shoot, I couldn’t believe that was me. My photographer, Shellie, from Solight Photography, said, “Yes, this is you”, so gently, so warmly, with a big smile on her face.

Sheila L - Set 1 WM-3 Sheila L - Set 1 WM-4 Sheila L - Set 1 WM-5

It took me some time to see that, and there is no cookie-cutter recipe for realizing your beauty, but I hope that sharing my journey aids others.

XOXO Chica Rosita


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