30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge: Day 22

Day 22: What Do You Think Others Like About  Your Personality?

The most rewarding aspect in my journey toward body acceptance has been the private messages I have received from the many beautiful women in my life. I receive a lot of encouragement from them, a lot of praise for being open about my body, and compliments on how great I look. “You look great! Have you lost weight?!”, or “I love your pictures!” Yes, I have lost some weight, but what I appreciate the most is my outlook on life. I believe that the world is my oyster, if I want to put it in the simplest of terms. Along with the admiration comes personal stories of self-doubt, hurt, pain, and failure. I believe that it is in this moment when I encourage them, reciprocate the compliment, listen, and empathize with them that my personality comes through like a beacon.


There is no hidden agenda. There is no façade. When I say you are beautiful and you are worthy of adoration, this is the truth. I am present with you in that moment because it’s important for me to uplift other women, not bring them down. I truly do care about your journey and know that it is not easy to gain this kind of confidence. I have my days, really bad days. I hurt myself, criticize myself, bully myself, and put myself in that dark place again. I’m here to offer you a ray of hope to see your way out of that dark place. I can’t do the work for you, it would be detrimental to your personal journey.

I would have to say this is one aspect of my personality others like. Perhaps the women in my life don’t see it that way, and that’s fine. I cannot speak for their experience or encounter with me. I can only speak for my experience when I promote positive body image, self-care, self-love, and healing. I like to believe people find me caring, compassionate, and kind. At least, that is what I am striving for.

Since this challenge is about perception, how do you perceive me? If you know me personally as a friend, family member, or acquaintance, how do you see me? If you follow my blog, what do you think about  my messages?


XOXO Chica Rosita


3 thoughts on “30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge: Day 22

  1. You’re such a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. I love that you dedicate your time to help uplift others feel good about their body. We all have our bad days, lord knows i do but that is also what makes helping others so much better. Since you know what it feels like because you have been there, you can help others who are suffering and can use some encouragment.

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    1. This made my day! 🙂 You really know how to touch someone’s heart girl <3. I really appreciate your help along this challenge. I was inspired by you to start it and I want to encourage others to do it too. Thank you for the kind words and following. ^_^

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