30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge: Day 5

So, I missed a blog posting for Day 5 yesterday, but I will surely make up for it today. Remember, if you miss a daily posting, don’t stop. This is for you and you have many supporters.

Day 5: Something About The Way You Think You Like

My thought process is like a cinematic montage. Film and music stimuli are the most predominate in my creative process for writing, modeling, and decision-making. In times of great strife, I turn to music. It moves me. I can listen to a song, close my eyes, and all these vivid images come to my mind, a short film, the story unfolding in my head.


I visualize myself, the way I move, my actions, and the outcome. It helps me determine how I should proceed. I laugh about it sometimes because I feel like I imbue a 50’s Hollywood starlet in my mind, very dramatic, very me.


Perhaps this is why my posts are at times peaked with dramatic elements, linguistically describing the tiniest detail about a movement, a gesture, and a pivotal moment in which I was the most moved by a song. I take the particular lyric and post it along with an image. Sometimes that visual element is a photograph or graphic quote. I find it inspirational.


If you were to step into my mind, you may waltz into a scene from a film noir, starkly dark, a ray of light offering the only way out. At other times, you may find yourself in the midst of a Brazilian carnival festival, vibrant colors melding together in a stream of consciousness.

It is in this way of thinking that I find myself thrusting into new endeavors from fashion risks, blogging, modeling, writing, and dancing. It is also a way for me to get through a difficult time or solve a problem I am facing. I may be very dramatic at times, perhaps cry too much, feel too much, dream too much, but it’s true. I am too much. I am too much to contain in this body. For so long I contained myself, hid many parts of myself both literally and figuratively. Too often I took to the backstage, always working behind the scenes, and never allowing myself to be worthy of the center stage.  Now, though, I have no problem letting that Hollywood starlet shine.

Cue the spotlight.


Image Credit: Dee Cee Photography

XOXO Chica Rosita


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