30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: A Physical Feature You Like On Yourself

It’s Day 2 of the 30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge, and I am already loving the feeling I get when I post these. It allows me time to push all other tasks aside and take time for me. When I reflect on this challenge, I think about my body and what I love about  it. There are many parts I love about my body: hips, curves, thighs, legs, hands, and even my cute belly. But, I think what I love the most are my boobs! YES! My Boobs. I decided that I loved this feature the most about my body because it’s the one that for so long I hated and loved.

This hate/love relationship with my breasts allowed me to go through all the hurt, pain, and come out thriving. From back aches, tops that wouldn’t fit, and the stigma of puberty at an early age (10 by the way), my boobs were a curse for awhile. As I’ve grown to accept my body in all its glorious splendor, I’ve come to love them. They are a part of my struggle in the acceptance of my body. Sure, I still have back aches and sometimes tops don’t fit as well as I would like, but my attitude toward it is completely different. I’m proud of my cleavage. I’m proud of how sexy I look like in my lingerie or even just my bra. I don’t need anyone’s validation, though I do get a lot of it from other people. As long as I love my body, my boobs, I’m good.


Image Credit: Dee Cee Photography

For details on the challenge, please read my previous blog.

XOXO Chica Rosita


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