4 Lessons to Curvy Confidence


I am often asked where I get my confidence. This usually leads up to questions about my exercise and diet regimen. While I understand the struggle of being a big girl in a society where there is so much importance placed on beauty, there is a lot to be said about personality adjustments and reinventions of yourself. These personal tweaks allow  you to glow and shine beautifully on the outside.

So, here are  some lessons to obtain that curvy confidence.

  1. Read. I’m serious. Read about positive body image through articles, books, magazines, and social media posts. Follow plus-size bloggers and share your opinions. When I started following bloggers like GabiFresh, Curves and Chaos, Flight of the Fat Girl, Beauticurve, Nadia Aboulhosn, and many other bloggers, I was inspired daily through their advice. I imbued their perception of self-love, body image, and the world around them. This offered me a step in the direction I am on now, which is to find what makes me happy as a curvy woman. So, now I blog, tweet, retweet, and encourage other curvy women to love their body.
  2.  Contribute. Make a contribution to your community of women. Note that this is inclusive. Embrace other women who have other body types as well. You can do this through blogging, social media, and local organizations promoting positive body image for youth. You can also be a  role model for nieces, daughters, sisters, and other women in your life. I blog to form a dialogue with other women, and I value their opinions. I comment and share their posts to promote an agenda that all bodies are worthy. And, I consistently get feedback from friends, family, and even strangers that I have somehow influenced them in their journey to self-love and acceptance.
  3. Stay active. Don’t get it twisted! This doesn’t just mean exercise. While I enjoy exercising, I also stay active by dancing, volunteering, shopping, and engaging in other activities that keep me motivated. So, this is a combination of remaining active both physically and mentally, propelling yourself to try new things and stay consistent with the things that make you feel good.
  4. Take risks. To place yourself in a vulnerable situation can be intimidating for anyone. This risk-taking is completely within your comfort zone. So, don’t be ashamed to take it one step at a time. The road to confidence is a winding one. Risks don’t necessarily have to be dangerous or life-altering. They can be small victories to the outsider, but great strides for you. Think of the forms of risk-taking: fashion risks, dating someone new, starting a zumba class, eating at a new restaurant, changing up your daily routine, and basically anything that is change for you. If it doesn’t work out, maybe you didn’t like  it, you can always do something else. Part of risk-taking is taking a step in different directions to see which path works for you. Personally, I have recently delved into the world of plus-size modeling. As a novice, I know I have much more work to do to gain professional experience, but I have gained so much confidence from modeling. It’s offered me the opportunity to see myself in a new light, just as beautiful as the model on the cover of Vogue. That’s big.

There isn’t a class that you can take on how to gain confidence, but rather these are just some ideas, suggestions, and what’s worked for me as a curvy woman. There are other ways to gain confidence which include practicing mindfulness, gaining awareness, and possibly seeking counseling. Sometimes you have to forgive yourself for the way you builled the fat girl inside you. Sometimes the burden and pain is  so great that a guide to heal is necessary, and even the most resilient souls falls when its wings are clipped. As a counselor-in-training, my knowledge of the importance of therapeutic self-care has made me aware of this. As a chubby girl, I’m on a mission to promote this self-care and positive body image.


XOXO Chica Rosita


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