This or That from a Curvy Chica

I got the tag to do this blog from Dorkchops. If you haven’t read her blog, check it out here.

Well, here are some of my answers. I omitted some questions and categories. Plus, I added some of my favorite items! Enjoy! ❤ ❤


Blush or bronzer?
Blush, although, I occasionally wear bronzer as well to highlight areas under my eyes, just above my cheek bones. But, if I’m on the run, blush is my go to. I am specifically using Hard Candy CHEEKS & BALANCES CONTOURING STICK–cheeky pink. This contouring stick is actually a blush and brozer. Plus the Hard Candy line is cruelty-free. ❤

Lip gloss or lip stick?
Oh this is a hard one, but if I have to pick, I’ll go with lip gloss! My favorites are from the Lime Crime line. The velvetines are actually a liquid formula that dries and turns matte. So, it’s a combination of both. I own the Red Velvet and Pink Velvet Velvetine.  

Eyeliner or mascara?
Eyeliner. I can’t go a day without it. It’s my go to item when I’m in a rush to get to work. I always make sure I put on eyeliner. I use a pencil black eyeliner for my lower lid and WALK THE LINE LIQUID EYELINER from Hard Candy to create a winged eyeliner look.

Foundation or concealer?
Both! But, concealer very rarely unless I have a lot of time to get ready. For foundation, I use Hard Candy JUST FACE IT ONE-STEP FOUNDATION Shade Name: medium.

Neutral or colour eye shadow?
Neutrals for everyday and coulour for nights out on the town or special occasions. The balm NUDE ‘tude® Nude Eyeshadow Palette is a go to.

Pressed or loose eye shadows?
Pressed eye shadows. I use some from e.l.f., Hard candy, and Lime Crime. I find that the loose eye shadow gets all over my face and I have to redo a lot of my foundation work. But, I do use it on special occasions to add some sparkle!


Perfume or body splash?
Perfume, but I will occasionally use body splash from lines like Bath & Body Works.

Body wash or soap?
Body wash is my go to. I love the quick foam formulated and choice of scents.


Jeans or sweat pants?
Jeans, and if I want to get technical, skinny jeans. Love Torrid skinny jeans for curvy girls. They come in extra short, short, regular, and tall. I am a short diva. 😉

Long sleeve or short?
Long sleeve for work unless I am wearing a blazer, cardigan, or jacket, then I’ll do short sleeve.

Dresses or skirts?

Dresses! I love pairing dresses with a blazer or cardigan! Check out some of the bright and floral print dresses from Torrid!

Stripes or plaid?
This one is hard! Depends on my mood. Check out this amazing blue plaid dress from Voluptuous!

Flip-flops or sandals?
Sandals, especially with jewels or straps.

Scarves or hats?
Scarves, but I want to try and use hats for spring looks. White or black fedora will give any spring dress an umph!

Studs or dangly earrings?
Depends on the outfit. If I have a big chunky necklace or bracelet, then I’ll wear stud earrings. If I want my earrings to call attention then hoop earrings are my go to. Hello??! What chica doesn’t have some hoop earrings? I’m obsessed with Jennifer Lopez jewelry brand at Kohl’s.

Necklaces or bracelets?
Oh gosh! Depends on what I am wearing, but I find myself drawn to bangles.

Heels or flats?
I alternate between heels and flats for work. But, if I have to pick, I can not betray my loyal black ballet flats. They go with so many outfits.

Jacket or hoodie?
Jacket. Right now I’m into bomber jackets. Check out this Pink Love & Legend Moto Jacket from Addition Elle. It reminds me of Grease. I desperately want to be a pink lady.


Curly or straight?
Straight. I’m going through a phase where I have bangs and straight hair. I tried to emulate Denise Bidot’s look from her earlier days in modeling.

Denise Bidot

Bun or ponytail?
Ponytail, or specifically a braid. I think it adds a little whimsical look to your hair especially if you add a jeweled hair clip or flower.

Hair spray or gel?
Hair spray. I try not to use gel, but if it’s the only thing around, it’ll have to do.

Long or short?
I was always a ‘bob’ hair cut girl, but I let my hair grow out this past year. I love my long locks.

Light or dark?
Dark hair, but I am going to be bold and go red this month.

Side sweep bangs or full bangs?
Full bangs! I love my full bangs!

Up or down?
Down. My hair straightener is my best friend. 🙂


Rain or shine?
Shine! I love going to the park, an outdoor concert, or the beach.

Summer or winter?
Summer. Although, I love winter wear the most.

Autumn or spring?
Spring. Love the floral prints, patterns, and styles that come out during this time. Check out Torrid’s Spring Look Book!

Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate!! Enough said.

Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe?
Oh, Khloe all the way. Curvy woman with a strong voice, hell yeah!

Coffee or tea?
Tea. Although, I love me some frappe from Strarbucks! I’m drinking a lot of tea from Yogi and Tazo. Try Yogi’s Detox Tea.

Thoughts? Comments? Tag! You’re it girl!

xoxo chica rosita


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