Red Riding Hood Meets Curvy Fashion

As my first blog, I wanted to introduce myself as positive body image advocate. I am a curvy gal, addicted to fashion, and firm believer that beauty radiates from within. With that being said, the theme of this blog is the merger of curvy fashion and the fairy tale inspiration of Little Red Riding Hood, or as I like to call it, “sexy red riding hood”. I am not referring to cheesy and unimaginative sexy Halloween costumes spewed out by huge companies, but rather, some of the trendiest and leading fashion designers and brands heading the helm of curvy/plus size fashion.

These designs are creative, vibrant, and a perfect addition to any curvy gal’s closet. Check some of them out below.

1. Safiya Cape from Monif C.

Cape Romper2. Red Rockin’ Hood from Ashley  Stewart

Hooded Textured Knit Ensemble

3. Red Jacket from Evans Clothing’s new Design Collective

11024732_973035196041264_3428212616295993723_nImage Credit: The Times Magazine & The Official Ashley Graham Fan Page 

4. Poncho Blouse from Voluptuous Inc. 

Red Poncho

5. Let the Coat Out of the Bag in Red from Modcloth

6. Jumpsuit with Off the Shoulder Ruffle in Red from Chic & Curvy

Red Jumper

7. Siren Trench from City Chic

Red Trench


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